17 March 2010 @ 12:01 am
Community Rules  


rule 1. introductions

Though it's not mandatory, please consider leaving an introduction for yourself in the Welcome Post (here)! This way, all the other fans in the community will be able to get-to-know you too! 

And of course, also hit the Join This Community button (here) to actually join!

rule 2. no lurking

Try not to be just a lurker! Communities are meant for everyone to enjoy and participate in together! 

rule 3. one entry please

That being said, if you have created a Dreamwidth account for use on this community, make sure to add at least one journal entry to it. It can literally be anything you want. But doing this will not only make it more apparent that you're not just a lurker, it will also prevent your journal from being deleted by Dreamwidth. 

(After a set period of time, Dreamwidth will permanently delete empty journals.) Plus it's fun to meet new people and add friends on your journals!


rule 1. credit original sources

Please try to credit original sources whenever you share something here. Likewise, if you find something here and want to share it elsewhere, please try to credit this community. If someone posts something and asks that it not be reposted elsewhere, please respect their wishes. As mentioned in a former mod post, we as a community will not be crediting second sources anymore, after the trouble it has caused in the past.

rule 2. use a cut

If you know your post is going to be overly large, please use a cut! You are also expected to use a cut if you are sharing multiple videos or animated GIFs in the same post. For those of you who do not know how to put content under a cut, here is an example:

<cut>CONTENT HERE</cut>

You can also use the cut button when posting a new journal entry, just like on Livejournal.

rule 3. no hotlinking

Please do not hotlink! We don't want to see our bandwidth exceeding itself because of too much hot-linking! And I'm sure other members who share content will feel the same way! 

rule 4. only AAA related posts

You may post whatever content you like, from requests to updates to personal artwork, etc. As long as it has to do with AAA.

rule 5. tags

Please view the tag list and try to tag entries according to that tag list. If you need help, let any of the mods know!

rule 6. requests

Before requesting something, make sure your request has not already been fulfilled in someone else's post!

rule 7. downloads

If you decide to share any downloads, please lock the entries to to members only. You may also lock whatever other types of posts you wish to lock. Thank you for understanding. 

rule 8. advertising

NO ADVERTISEMENTS. They tend to clog up the pages! If you want to advertise or affiliate, please post in the Affiliates post first. Once we've seen what you want to advertise, we'll give you clearance on whether it can be advertised or not!


rule 1. no fighting

Respect your fellow members and your admin. No fighting with anyone for any reason. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. We will have a "three strikes, your out" system, which will work in the following way:

1st offense: You will receive a warning

2nd Offense: You will be banned from the community for one day

3rd Offense: You will be permanently banned from the community

Though friendly debate is certainly welcome, there is no reason to be hurting another member, right? If you feel like someone is picking on you or likewise that you're unfairly being accused of picking on someone else, please let one of the admin know the situation. 

rule 2. no other nasties

No spamming, flaming, or trolling of any kind will be allowed either. We want to keep this place nice and tidy. 

rule 3. general posting

Try to post often, okay? Since all fans of AAA are welcome here, it would be nice for all of us to communicate with each other about why we love this group! Let's enjoy AAA together! ^_^

And of course, have fun!

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