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[Video] AAA on Ousama no Brunch (TV 2012.07.28)
AAA appeared on talkshow "Ousama no Brunch" aka King's Brunch on 28 July in their Ito-Yokado yukatas.

Gist of the 2nd part:

Misako → Chiaki: Return my jersey!
Before AAA debuted, Misako lent Chiaki a jersey and told her she could return it anytime, but up til now she still hadn't returned it. So the hosts asked why she hadn't returned it, and Chiaki said because Misako told her to return it anytime, and it was nice so 7 years passed like that. (I think Chiaki also said she had no intention of returning it!) Chiaki said she lost it.

Chiaki → Nissy: Don't wear my one-piece!
Chiaki left her one-piece dress in the backstage room after changing out of it. But after the performance ended and she returned to the room, she found Nissy wearing the dress, striking a pose and asking her if it suited him. Nissy explained that the staff had mistakenly taken his casual clothes to wash, mixing it up with the performance costumes, so he didn't have anything to wear and took Chiaki's dress. When the host asks Nissy to say something to Chiaki, he says he'll wear it again.

Nissy → Leader: Leader, please laugh!
Nissy wants Leader to laugh at his weird faces because apparently during live MCs, when Nissy does his weird faces, Leader is always not laughing. So Nissy does his weird face and once again Leader doesn't laugh... When the host asks why, he replies that it's not amusing.

Hidaka → Shinjiro: Why are you always here?
Hidaka is actually asking why Shinjiro is always there whenever he's in the toilet. LOL. Hidaka says that without fail, everytime he goes to the toilet, Shinjiro will be there before him. Shinjiro retorts that Hidaka is the one specially going to the toilet knowing that he is there, maybe because he wants to see... XD

(Shuuta doesn't get a chance to talk in this segment Dx)
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