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((IMPORTANT MESSAGE)) Regarding AAA @ DW + The Big Site Special!

Dear Comm Members,

Hello, it's been a while!

We're writing to you now with a message from all the admin of AAA @ DW. This is something we have given a great deal of thought to, and a decision we are content to make. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read!

As you might have noticed, all of the AAA @ DW admin have been fairly MIA for the past few months, though we've had our different reasons. One of us has been very sick (please wish her well!), and all of us have been very busy. In particular, life has sort of come along and thrust a mountain of stuffs in our faces, shouting, "HERE TAKE THAT!" And take it we have, and it's been fun, exciting, interesting, sometimes scary, and very very VERY time-consuming.

Anyway, the short of it is that we will eventually be closing [community profile] attackallaround @ Dreamwidth. There are a lot of reasons why we have chosen to do this, but we won't mention them just yet. We promise we will let you know everything before we actually close (we'll make a new post about that when the time comes, so that everyone can also keep in contact with each other if you'd like)!

However, the CLOSING DATE really all depends on YOU.

Though the closing is inevitable, there is one thing left that all of us at AAA @ DW can do together first:


Most of you do not know much of anything about this special, because we have not given much information. (Gomen, ne? ^^) We want it to be a surprise! As we have stated before, it will require a bit of your time and a lot of team work, and it is bound to be lots of fun.

But IF we are going to do this special before the closing, we need to know who will be interested in participating. Depending on the number who would like to, the admin are still willing to put our hard work into bringing you one final, big, exciting special. (And we have had some fun together in the past, haven't we? ^_^)

Since we have been working on the special for so long, if enough people want to do it, we can put the special up immediately!


***Also, if you want to join in the special, please also comment with this information:
(*) Your favorite AAA member

(*) Your second favorite AAA member (you can say all the members if you don't have a favorite, but please don't leave blank)
(*) If you are stranded on a desert island, which item would be the thing you want to have with you?
1 )) A hunting knife (to get food, make shelter, etc)
2 )) Lots of clothes to choose from
3 )) An entirely huge pack of camping gear so I'm all prepared
4 )) A friend
5 )) A phone
6 )) Food
7 )) A personal hygiene kit (toothbrush and toothpaste included!)
(*) If you don't use your Dreamwidth account often, please leave an email that we can reach you at!

Thank you in advance for your time, everyone! Be seeing you~

The AAA @ DW Admin Team

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