08 April 2012 @ 02:58 am
[Members] 2012 AAA@DW Results + Community News!!  

After a very difficult vote, we have reached the end of the 2012 AAA@DW IDOL competition, and the results are in!!!

In first place, with 11 out of the 27 votes...

♪(┌・。・)┌ ( You can listen to her entry here !)


You were all phenomenal, and it was so hard, I think, for everyone to choose a favorite~
You all shared your AAA love with all of us and put in so much effort, we're so glad you
participated and hope you had tons of fun! \(^0^)/

The winner, as promised, will receive a translation of AAA material of her choice
for the entire community to enjoy as well, along with other prizes!

All contestants will be receiving a message shortly about a little present for
taking part in the competition! Please look forward to it!

We will share the gifts with the community for everyone to enjoy!

Again, thank you so much!! You are all truly wonderful, and a HUGE congratulations to our wonderful and talented [personal profile] jayjaymieyay !!

On this happy note, I have other news!! A small....surprise, of sorts~!

Members (and non-members, too, if you're reading, since you're also welcome!! ^^), PLEASE READ below the cut! )