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HI!! Merry Christmas everyone ~

Disappear for a while then I come back with my new AAA wallpapers set
although I have a quiz every day at university and sometime test for collect my scores U_U ,I always spend my time for wallpapers
at least 1-2 walls/week.

Today I've seen P'Nuchun's entry which sharing the scans of Chiakichan's photobook
that make me wanna create some of chiaki wallpapers and share the rest to everybody ^^

Big thanks to
[personal profile] nuchun
for wonderful HQ Pictures of chiakichan <3
hope you guys like them!

More under the cut )
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Nico Nico Live: Hidaka + Misako & Shuta

YouTube user miananishi has very kindly uploaded Hidaka's Nico Nico Live with Misako and Shuta as guests! Part 1 is below, and please follow the links to watch the other four parts! ^ ^

Part 1:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


I pretty much just shit myself when this went into my twitter feed.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Basicly AAA discussed plans to debut overseas below.


From: Tokyohive

New Comic Up!

I finally put up a new comic over at Attack All Attackers.
"Attack All Attackers" is a AAA fan web-comic, it's been running since September 2010. To put it simply, it's illustrated fan fiction.

This week's issue celebrates the consecutive birthdays of Hidaka and Shuta!
Yes... delayed celebration, but it's up at least.

AAA on Ontama

The youtube user Juno4339 uploaded AAA on Ontama.
I cant watch it due to the fact youtube does not work on my computer due to a virus. But i hope you guys enjoy~

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Credits to Juno4339
where you can watch the rest of Ontama!!

[Pics] AAA Random Magazine/Newspaper Appearances

Below you can find a collection of lower quality images, all of AAA in one magazine, newspaper, or another. All these appearances are recent, and all of them look really adorable! The magazines included are: 女性セブン, アピーリング, up, and many more! Please enjoy them all below!
Click to enlarge!

AAA 2011 Calender Scans!

I just got my AAA calender in the mail!
Warning, these were taken with a phone, they're low quality.

This was an awesome calender!!! It's so vibrant and colorful like AAA's spirit. I liked this one over the previous comic book halftone theme. Enjoy the scans!

[Pics] AAA Calendar 2010

Images from inside AAA's recent calendar have surfaced online! Below you can view some fairly decent pics from it! (All of you who were already able to purchase it are soooo lucky! You won't be disappointed! ^o^) Please enjoy them all below! ^_^

Click to enlarge!

Credit: aaa1147
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